Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Bad Credit Installment Loans?

We are competent loan arrangers who understand the anxiety that borrowers face when they fall short of cash. Hence, our sole mission is to match their details with the loan deals that are available on the market and get the best ones for them.

WhatPlease enumerate the minimum qualifications for availing the quick loans no credit check?

You will have to be a permanent, adult resident of Canada. You should be employed and earning at least $1000 per month. You should possess a valid checking account.

WhatCan I apply if I cannot pledge collateral?

Sure. Our services will let you avail loan deals in an unsecured form. Hence, you will not have to pledge security against the borrowed amount.

WhatWhat should I do if I need fast cash through you?

You can apply for the online Canadian payday loans by visiting our Apply Now page. Please access the form and fill it up suitably. Submit it instantly and within a very short time, we will get back to you with the best loan deal.

WhatI do not have a decent credit score; can you help in resolving the cash crisis that I am facing now?

Off course yes; when you apply for the quick loans no credit check, your credit report is of no consequence. You simply have to meet the minimum eligibility requirements for applying for the loans and get approval. Therefore, poor credit scores and ratings like arrears and defaults cannot act as a deterrent to availing our exclusive services.

WhatDo I need to fax documents of any sort when I apply for the online Canadian payday loans?

No, you do not have to fax or mail any documents for getting approval through us.

WhatHow much do I have to pay for availing your services?

You do not have to pay anything. We, at Bad Credit Installment Loans offer our services free of cost.

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